We are specialized in Anti-Termite Treatment / Odorless and Ecofriendly Pest Control.


Relief Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. offers its clients with best pest control measures that have a long lasting effect and curbs the growth of insects in buildings. The range of products, medicines and other methods we use have been highly appreciated by our clients for their effectiveness. The services we offer are mentioned below:

Termites - X Control Service

We offer our clients with superior quality termite - x control services that are applied by our experts. Our services are effectively devised to control the growth of termites and ensure a healthy environment. The insects breed in different corners of the houses and cause damage to the valuables like documents, valuable property, furniture etc. These gradually develop from eggs, hatch into larvae and become either nymph, soldier or worker termites. The soldiers and workers do not grow but the nymphs develop, grow wings and then later shed them. Finally they grow to become the heads of a colony – the kings and queens. The preventive measures offered by us include pest control services, which defend the goods from damages and losses. The work is executed with great care and with adherence to the needs of the clients.

Cockroaches Gel
Our experts, having high domain expertise, offer superior quality cockroaches gel that help to curb the growth of cockroaches in different locations offering a healthy and hygienic environment. We thoroughly inspect the problems and eradicate it with our effective services. These gradually develop from eggs, grow into nymphs and then finally into adult cockroaches. Its very essential to curtail their growth and with our services we assure our clients with a clean and healthy environment. The products we use are formulated by our deft professionals using optimum quality materials and hence have the desired effects.

Rodent Control Services
Rodents cause significant damages to property, buildings, essential belongings and documents. Besides, these also cause diseases like plague, leptospirosis, salmonelosis, trichinosis, typhoid fever etc. Hence, to cease their growth our professionals offer the most effective ways and use superior quality medicines and other measures that help to kill them. The chemicals utilized by us are efficacious and non-toxic that offer long lasting services.